Friday, February 29, 2008

Security Torrents

To fill the need to host and download multiple large security related torrents, I have put a tracker online at You will primarily find items on this site in the following categories:

Anything that I or various other contributing members find useful, relevant or fun with respect to security. Current items that will go into this category are the various HeX (all) releases and InProtect LiveUSB releases.

Any custom distributions that have been designed to fit security needs and/or perform specific tasks.

Any large packet captures or trace files that are obviously not going to fit on the site. There is one up there now, it is the malicious traffic that Richard Bejlich captured at the 2007 Shmoocon. This torrent was created and added by a shout out goes to him!

Having said all of that, we will (as with all trackers) need seeders. So if you have a little extra bandwidth and/or want to contribute in any way please let us know!


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