Monday, March 17, 2008

HeX 1.0.3 LiveUSB Final (Bug Fixes)

I just finished the bugfix version of the HeX 1.0.3 Live (CNY Release) image.

You can get it (in torrent form) from the Security Torrent Depot at or you can get it from the below direct download site.

USA Site
MD5 (HeX-i386-1.0.3-final-usb.img.gz) = 5fb1498b3437fada0b38602324d8f5e0

Usage instructions are simple:

dd if=/path/to/HeX-i386-1.0.3-final-usb.img of=/path/to/usbstick/device bs=1M

Look for the new HeX 2.0 to be out soon, all based on FreeBSD 7.0R!

Note that some usb sticks will be smaller than others (even if it's "2G") and that even if you write it and dd produces an error saying that not enough space is available... this is OK and your HeX LiveUSB will still work fine.


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