Thursday, November 27, 2008

HeX 2.0 USB RC1 (4G)

Happy Thanksgiving, my gift to you.. HeX 2.0 LiveUSB RC1 (the 4G version)

Yes, I know, I can hardly believe what I am typing! I finally got it finished and uploaded. As noted above this is the 4G version... I am working on a 2G but it might now be squeezable into that small of a space.. so more to come! This 4G version has a decent amount of workable space so that you can store items etc...

You can obtain the image at the following US site, will be publishing to the site and full mirror list shortly.

Also, remember that to write the image, you simply use dd to the thumb drive itself (not a partition/slice/etc). i.e. on OSX if you have only that USB device connected that you want to write to: "dd bs=2048 if=/path/to/hex-i386-2.0-USB-4G.img.gz of=/dev/rdisk1" (you may need to run under sudo...)

Note this is a 1.4G file, I will also be publishing this to the Security Torrent Depot shortly!