Thursday, February 14, 2008

HeX 1.0.3, the CNY Release

I am pleased to announce the release of HeX 1.0.3, release info is below. Thanks to the entire development team for their dedication and hard work. This release has been dubbed the CNY, or Chinese New Year release.

With the recent release of FreeBSD 7.0 RC2, we anticipate an actual 7.0 release in the near future. When the Release version of 7.0 becomes available we will begin working on the new HeX 2.0 project.

Get HeX 1.0.3 Here:
US Mirrors:

Malaysia Mirrors:

- pkg_info works after installation
- ping works without sudo
- procfs is correctly mounted on /proc at boot

1. NSM Console 0.6-DEVEL
- 'dump' command added, you can now dump packet payloads into a binary
file for later analysis
- Significant speedups in the harimau module and 'checkip' command if
wget is installed
- tcpxtract configuration file changed to extract more types of files
- Added foremost module
- Added clamscan module (Thanks JohnQPublic)
- Argus and tcptrace have reverse dns turned off by default now, it
was causing the module to hang for extremely large pcap files. Can be
switched on by changed the module options
- rot13 encoding and decoding added :)
- alias command
- urlescape (en|de)coding
- file existence check
- many other things
All the other enhancements, bugfixes and additions since the 0.2
release (there have been many!)

New Application Packages:
- xplot
- uni2ascii
- vnc
- vsftpd
- samplicator
- sflowtool
- pmacct
- ming
- ploticus
- tcpick
- bvi
- elinks
- feh
- tftpgrab
- arpwatch

- New wallpapers with different color schemes

The LiveUSB image will be out shortly, it is undergoing a quick regression test currently.


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