Friday, February 29, 2008

FreeBSD 7.0 Released

I am pleased to announce (a few days late) that FreeBSD 7.0R has been released as of Feb 27, 2008! More info here on the release.

You might (I hope not) wonder why this is exciting? Really, aside from the dramatic and significant enhancements to the overall functionality and stability of the operating system, it means that several OSS projects will be moving forward with new development work based on the 7.0 Release. Specifically, we will now begin work on HeX 2.0 with new nifty features to suit your packet loving needs! I also suspect that we will see some additional traction from the freesbie folks.

Further, I will be releasing a new version of the InProtect LiveUSB that will be based on FreeBSD 7.0 Release as soon as the build finishes!

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