Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 Upgrade Notes pt 1

Time to see if the Ubuntu folks have cleaned up their upgrade process. Previous upgrade attempts have been painful to say the least (this means pre-7.10).

I kicked the process off at about 21:30 EST by updating my existing 7.04 installation with all of the latest package updates as noted in the Ubuntu upgrade process documentation. The update went smoothly with the simple exception that a boatload of other users must be doing the same thing and loading up the repos. I did have to restart the updates a few times to get all files to download (again, likely related to repo overload, considering the fact that I regularly update my Ubuntu systems and this is not a normal occurrence). It should be noted that the Upgrade to 7.10 option was available prior to updating my packages, but IAW the upgrade documentation I performed the package update first.

The first thing we do after making sure all packages are updated is click on the Upgrade button to kick off the 7.04 to 7.10 upgrade process and again click Upgrade in the release notes. This kicked off the upgrade process and started to download the Upgrade Tool (again a little slow...likely load related). Once the Upgrade Tool finished downloading and kicked off, more downloading and waiting as the Upgrade Tool runs through upgrade preparations, software channel modifications, fetching upgrades, installing upgrades, clean up and system restart.

This is where the trouble began, again I suspect due to load on the distribution servers. After waiting for about an hour on file 50 of 56, I canceled the process and started again in the hopes that it would jumpstart the download. Unfortunately this did not work, so I left it to fetch overnight, and woke up to the screenshot to the right.

With all of the excitement and everyone else attempting to update and upgrade at the same time, I'll be intermittently trying to complete my upgrade over the next week in the hopes that it will complete. That being said, I have spoken with a few of my associates that were able to fetch all of the upgrade files (~6 hours of downloading at painfully slow rates) and they had their upgrade fail roughly halfway through the process, thereby rendering their system useless and forcing a clean install of 7.10.

The same associate of mine "giovani" also suggested using bittorrent for the mass distribution medium, to alleviate some of the pain that we are all feeling with the seemingly overloaded repos. Something definitely needs to be done, bittorrent or otherwise, to clean up these load produced upgrade and update failures.

More to follow...


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