Friday, October 26, 2007

HeX 1.0.1 Release (Bug Fixes)

So, due to several flaws that people were experiencing with HeX 1.0R we are releasing an updated version (1.0.1). The fixes in this version include increased bootup speed; during the extraction and loading of the data into mfs /var, the IO process of several different system types was causing an apparent system hang, this has been resolved.

Another major issue that was occurring was with the msfweb not loading properly or not functioning when loaded. It turns out that this was actually a firefox related issue; deleting ~/.mozill/firefox and using the global Firefox configuration fixed the problem (note that this also fixed javascript issues in ntop and darkstat).

As geek00l says, we are "shamelessly" releasing this fixed version. As always please give it a roll and let us know if you experience any issues. You can report bugs using our Trac interface, the Mailing List or via IRC in #rawpacket on freenode.

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