Monday, October 29, 2007

HeX-VA (Virtual Security Appliance)

I am pleased to announce the release of the HeX Virtual Appliance!

To facilitate quick and easy use of the tools that are built into the HeX Live CD, we have installed the Live CD on four Virtual Machines to create four Security Virtual Appliance Images. These images are intended to aide in the rapid deployment and usability of the HeX Live Toolkit and we are dubbing it HeX-VA. The images are designed for use with Parallels, Qemu, VMware and Virtualbox virtualization technologies. If you have any problems using these images or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us or stop by #rawpacket on freenode.

Thanks to geek00l for the screenshots and continued hard work on this project! I have included the US Mirrors below for your downloading pleasure. If you are not US based, there are other Malaysian mirrors listed on the official site under the Virtual Appliance project section.

HeX-Paralleles | md5 | sha256
HeX-Qemu | md5 | sha256
HeX-VMware | md5 |sha256
HeX-Virtualbox | md5 |sha256

I'll be posting some detailed directions shortly on the usage of NTop and some specifics on tuning it for your environment (by request).


Screenshots of various HeX-VAs:


pau1 said...

the link to the virtualbox VM is not working. interested in checking this out.

thanks for putting this together

JJC said...

pau1 the links have been fixed, server moved... you can also find these on our team site at

Thanks for the interest and support,