Thursday, October 18, 2007

HeX Live 1.0 Release

After 6 months of heavy development and debugging I am pleased to announce the release of the HeX Live CD 1.0 Release. What is HeX Live? HeX Live is the worlds first and foremost Network Security Monitoring & Network Based Forensics liveCD. The intent is to provide a wide array of highly usable tools in a pre-packaged format that the analyst can use to investigate and monitor real-time network activity, whether security related or in the course of reviewing traffic to determine bandwidth over utilization sources and so on...

This will be the final major release of HeX LiveCD until the release of FreeBSD 7.0 Rel, this is of course pending no major bugs are located in HeX 1.0R. If there are any major bugs found, then a bug-fixed HeX will be released prior to FreeBSD 7.0 Rel.\\

For a detailed list of what applications can be found on HeX Live 1.0R check out the actual project at

I have also included in this posting the CD covers that were created by vickz, fantastic work man! You can download the HeX LiveCD 1.0R from the following locations:

  1. US Server (East Coast) | MD5 | SHA256 | User Guide
  2. Malaysia Server | MD5 | SHA256 | User Guide
I will try to get some decent screenshots posted soon so that everyone can see just how slick the HeX LiveCD 1.0R really is. I would also suggest that you download it and play with it. There are a good number of tools on here for packet monkeys of all ages and skill to have a good old time!

I'll leave it at that for now, and again would like to thank the community for their support and feedback throughout the development process of this tool.

Shout to Geek00l for organizing everything and kicking some a$$!
Shout to ch4flgs_ and zarul for everything!
Shout to all others involved in this project (esp for putting up with me)


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