Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FreeBSD USB Booting Issues (BTX)

Since we have been building LiveUSB tools that were based on FreeBSD there has historically been an issue with several makes of laptop/hardware on boot. This problem has manifested in many ways but always yields the same result; a non-working LiveUSB tool for the system owner. This problem had to do with the BTX Loader not playing well with the specific hardware in question and not loading/running properly via USB.

The good news is that recently a patch was released that should rectify this issue! I will be applying this patch to all FreeBSD based LiveUSB releases going forward. Thanks for all of the community feedback and support on all of this.

For those that may be curious, here is the patch: Moving forward (post 7.0R) all releases will be patched from the freebsd folks direclty.


1 comment:

CH Chong said...

May i know have you patched the Hex-1.0.3 ??

my compaq presario is not working with USBLive :(

please help