Monday, November 12, 2007

InProtect 0.80.1 Beta

Fixed a few of the issues that everyone was experiencing... also updated the following:
  • clean install - fixed bad syntax issues
  • clean install - set proper version in db
  • clean install - changed admin to Admin in user group data (Admin is the original user for conformity)
  • upgrade - set proper version in db
  • upgrade - changed admin to Admin in user group data (Admin is the original installed user and this setting must match the current user so that proper access is given to Admin)
Also added note that Admin password is "admin" in INSTALL, this is changed as of versions 0.80.x

new tarball can be found here:

We should have the sourceforge project site updated with this tarball at some point tomorrow. I will also be following up with upgrade instructions tomorrow, as the current instructions do not include details of upgrading to 0.80.x.


1 comment:

Sebastian said...

Heya, good job!

I started working with Inprotect 0.22.5 a few month ago. I'll check out the new version soon... :)

Btw. would be nice to see an update in the changelog. At least I didn't see any new information in the inprotect-0.80.2.tar.gz container.