Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coming Soon - InProtect 0.80.0 Beta

I am excited to announce that we are on track for a beta/alpha release of InProtect 0.80.0 this coming week. You will see a great deal of enhancements in this version, including cleaner reports and graphs, user customizable dashboard, more efficient scan scheduler and controller...and much more!

I have included a "teaser" screenshot below. Note that the latest code is always available from the InProtect Sourceforge SVN repo (but that should be considered "alpha" only)...since we are consistently making changes, fixes, tests and updates...

I am also entertaining the idea of replacing / augmenting the nmap functionality with unicornscan (sice unicorns are fast! <3 Unicorns), let me know what your thoughts / concerns / comments are.



Anonymous said...

I agree that Nmap should be replaced with Unicornscan, because accuracy is overrated. Unicornscan is faster since it doesn't waste time with drop detection, retransmission, congestion control, and similar things which only matter if you care about accurate results. A similar speed-at-all-costs scanner you might want to consider is Scanrand.

JJC said...

Well, in this instance accuracy is certainly overrated, since we can followup and hit it with a nessus scan. Really the NMap / Unicorscan is used as a quick information gathering tool. That said, I think that Unicornscan throttled properly and using p0f can be just as accurate as NMap. I'll be checking out scanrand a bit more, but it looks like a useful first glance on feature that is interesting is the capability to throttle based on bandwidth rather than packet rate.