Tuesday, June 2, 2009

v0.2 Beta 1 is the outed! -> pulledpork that is <-

As the title indicates, the first beta for v0.2 of pulledpork has just been checked in to the pulledpork svn..

A shortlist of the current featuresets below

Release 0.1:

Release 0.2:

So, as you can see above I have added quite a bit of code and functionality to pulled pork. The disablesid function should be pretty robust (perhaps I'll add some additional error handling), but for the most part it should rock and roll!

I'll likely be adding a modifysid section to mirror what oinkmaster does with their modifysid function.. but that's probably still a few weeks out.

Having said all of this, please download, test and post any bugs/issues that you find on the google code page for pulledpork or catch me in #snort on freenode.

And now, the gratuatis screenshot ;-)


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