Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fly Clear, Sensitive Data Disposal Concerns

Early today, the company that produces the Clear Pass announced via press release and on their website that they were shutting down operations effective at 23:00 on June 22.

Noted on their website:
Spokespeople at various Clear equipped airports said that qualified clear users would be allowed to pass through the "premium" lanes at said airports.

Of course, to me, this leaves a big question out there: WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE BIOMETRIC DATA? I mean, these guys collected BIOMETRIC and more info (retinal scans, complete fingerprint sets, background information, credit information etc...) and what is going to happen to this data? Will it be sold off to the highest bidder, handed over to one of the many alphabet soup government agencies, placed into a dumpster by an angry employee or what? That is of course the only question that I have. If you were one of the many that signed up, you had the option to opt in or out of their program that shared the biometric information with the feds, but what now? My largest concern is of course the first and thirt item that I listed. What do you think?


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