Friday, September 28, 2007

HeX Live Update

Excerpt from geek00l:
For all the HeX liveCD users out there, we have been developing this liveCD for quite sometimes and I have received some positive and negative comments and various inputs from the users, therefore instead of me receiving the email and redirect to other co-developers, I decide to create the mailing list for the HeX liveCD so that it will has life of its own ;P

There you go -

Since this is public group and mainly used for mailing list management, I decided to use google group as it is convenience and easy. Therefore feel free to join us!!!!!

On the other hand, you can visit us at Freenode #rawpacket. Most of us are slacking there.
I would also like to thank everyone for their feedback and support of this project, one small step at a time. As to some additional information, there has been some discussion surrounding the creation of a VM image / Virtual Appliance that would embody the HeX Live CD capabilities and give the network analyst a broad set of tools. I'll post updated about this as they are available.


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