Friday, August 17, 2007

InProtect 0.22.5JC Patch

So, finally I threw something together that should get your InProtect into a more shiny and multi-user friendly version. Granted I did not have a ton of time to properly package and document everything but it is what it is right now.

The download location is listed below.

0.22.5JC patch includes the following updates but is not limited to them

  • Report enhancements (additional pdf reports for only serious, critical, medium and low vulns)
  • User Group capabilities (notes on this will be posted at
  • Reports viewing (give non-administrative users the capability to see other reports, either globally or based on their group membership)
  • Report limiting on the report screen (sort by 5, 10 or 20 results at a time, for those larger and more frequently scanned nets)
  • Set jpgraph options to use AA for prettier charts / graphs (this will run a bit slower, I'm not gonna lie but it's better!)
  • * Removed the "informational" findings from the stats on the Main page.
I'll be writing more on the specific functions and how to use them shortly. Also in the next small patch will be the database optimizations as well as page loading splash for those impatient multi-clickers in your organization.

Download Here
MD5 Verification

Please test this out (backup your stuff first) and let me know what you think etc... I can be found lurking around #inprotect on or post a comment here!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work here. I saw your post about the IRC channel. I'll try to stop by throughout the week and see if anything comes of it.

I've got a dev box that I'll try your patch out on. It's a Fedora Core 6 running apache 2.0 and MySQL 4.X. I'll let you know how the patch works.


JJC said...


I look forward to some feedback!


Anonymous said...

The patch works GREAT!!! - thanks for the contribution

JJC said...

Glad to hear it, note that I have also made an update for those that may have had issues w/ the previous patch and jpgraph graphs generated by graph1.php


Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone doing something with Inprotect. The download isn't valid anymore. Is there an updated link to download?

JJC said...

I changed some apache stuff that broke the URL and didn't notice, but it's fixed now... please let me know if *that* it works for you. ^_^