Monday, August 6, 2007

HeX LiveCD 1.0 Beta 2

The team has released Beta 2 of Hex LiveCD 1.0 The only real update / difference is that chl4gs_ has added the BSD Installer and that MetaSploit is now included in this version.

Boot up the LiveCD and "su" to root and type "installer" or "sudo installer" to start the installation. cpdup might take 10-30 minutes depending on you CDROM drive speed.

The only problem is BSD installer ncurses looks a bit weired under X. We still have no solution/workaround to that. However that shouldn't affect the installation process.
More information can be found at the rawpacket site, or from geek00l. I have included US based download mirrors in addition to the Malaysia site.

Malaysia Site | MD5
US Mirror 1 | MD5
US Mirror 2 | MD5


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