Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Network Security Center and Toolkit on FreeBSD

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be publishing a comprehensive guide on the installation, securing, configuration and usage of a variety of Open Source security tools to create a comprehensive Network Security Center (NSC). The purpose of this security center will be to perform Network based IDS (NIDS), act as a server for Host based IDS (HIDS), perform vulnerability scanning reporting and management, and create a tool set for Network Security Analysis. All of this accomplished using a core Operating System of FreeBSD 6.2 and a variety of other Open Source applications that we will customize to fit our needs as we go.

I'll begin by covering the base installation and securing of the FreeBSD Operating System then over the following weeks step into the various sections of the NSC to build a truly robust solution.

If you would like to get a jumpstart, I will be using FreeBSD 6.2 obtained from www.freebsd.org (I also placed a copy of the i386 ISO here:)

The full guide to FreeBSD can be found at the following location, it would not hurt to read through and familiarize yourself with section 2 prior to the upcoming install post.

I will also be working with the guys at rawpacket.org and their upcoming formal release of HeX Live. Currently HeX Beta v1.0 is available for download from one of the following sites for more information, please check out the site rawpacket.org

Primary Site
Mirror 1


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