Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Phishing Angst in light of VA Tech tragedy

Phishing Angst in light of VA Tech tragedy

Unfortunate but true, there are those individuals that would attempt to profit in a devious and mal-intentioned manner from any tragedy. These threats come in many forms, ranging from phishing scams, spam, websites, fax, telephone and beyond. There will likely be a number mal-intended attempts made to collect money, personal information and the like by many individuals posing as organizations designed to provide a form of aid or funding for the VA Tech tragedy.

The best defense against this type of threat is to simply research the organization that you intend on giving money, support or information to prior to engaging them. If you receive an unsolicited email or something that looks suspicious there are a number of sites that maintain a fairly updated list that can all easily be found through your favorite search engine.

All of this said, if you feel compelled to donate your time, expertise or money in aid of those affected by the VA Tech tragedy then please do so. There are currently a number of well known organizations working to help those affected such as the American Red Cross,1072,0_312_6578,00.html and VA Tech is also directly accepting donations on their website at

Below is a list of domains that were registered immediately following the Virginia Tech tragedy. It should be noted that at the time of this article none of these domains have been reported as being used in a malicious manner, but please keep an eye out and protect yourself against the many risks associated with identity theft, fraud and beyond.

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