Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been having some fun on twitter lately (instead of evaluating security foo hah!), though I have been on it for some time and not really using it. If you want to join into the fun, I am enhancedx.

Obviously the whole web2.0 movement introduces all new concerns surrounding security, especially as related to physical security of ones person. Specifically I am talking about social networking apps like twitter, loopt and the like. These are fun to play with and share your daily travels / ramblings with people, but if the user does not pay attention, they can also lead people directly to you. Of course, I am sure that EVERYONE is well versed it the features of these apps and therefore only shares their location when they want to, right? Of course people don't reuse the same password for multiple accounts and don't have their identity stolen ever either.. so what am I worrying about, sheesh!


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