Monday, January 7, 2008

HeX 1.0.2R LiveUSB Release

As I have been away on holiday, I have been unable to release the next iteration of the HeX LiveUSB tool. Let this post serve to remediate that (albeit a bit late). Without further adeau, the download is located at the following URLs:

For those that are not familiar with the HeX project, please read further at The LiveUSB project is a subset of the overall HeX project and adds a bit of functionality to suit your portable packet monkeying needs. Essentially it gives you a slightly larger (and writable) filesystem to do with what you please; i.e. update signatures, modify configurations, store data and the like.

To use the LiveUSB; simply download decompress and dd onto your device (example on fbsd: dd if=/path/to/HeX-i386-1.0.2.img of=/dev/da0 bs=1M). Note that for speed purposes it is important to increase your default block size in fbsd, the value of 1M takes about 200 seconds for my system to write the entire 2G image.

This release contains the NSM Console as described below.

Matthew(Dakrone) is the main developer of NSM Console, here’s the short description about it -

NSM Console (Network Security Monitoring Console) is a framework for performing analysis on packet capture files. It implements a modular structure to allow for an analyst to quickly write modules of their own without any programming language experience which means you can quickly integrate all the other NSM based tools to it. Using these modules a large amount of pcap analysis can be performed quickly using a set of global (as well as per-module) options. NSM Console also aims to be simple to run and easy to understand without lots of learning time.

If you want more information about what it is (and what it does), check out this introductory post -

You can access NSM Console by clicking the menu -> NSM-Tools -> NSM Console

There are also several bug fixes in this release, as well as new nifty wallpapers (for the holiday season hah).

1. unicornscan run time error
2. svn run time error
3. lsof run time error
4. firefox startup issue
5. pidgin and liferea dbus issue
6. syntax error
7. script command issue
8. ping setuid issue

Other known major or minor issues in the Base System are fixed, thanks to chfl4gs_.



Anonymous said...

Greetings. Could you post more information about the unicornscan runtime error on the osace mailing list please? See this link for information on joining that list.

Otherwise, jump on efnet #unicornscan.


Unicornscan dev team.

JJC said...

The issue was actually a simple permissions issue on the LiveCD itself. Further information can be found within our bugtracker. Note that this is on the older version of Unicornscan that is the current version in the fbsd ports tree.